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How To Build A Website For A Small Business

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How To Build A Website For A Small Business
How To Make A Website For Your Business


How To Build A Professional Site In WordPress Yourself


Knowing how to build a Professional Site in WordPress yourself that look stunning can save you Thousands of Dollars, literally! Did you know it can cost $5000 and upwards to get somebody to build you a website for your small business? Why not cut the Middle-Man off from his "gravy train" and build a stunning WordPress Site Yourself. Imagine injecting the money into other much-needed areas of your business instead. This Post is dedicated to showing you how you can build a fantastic looking Site on a budget.

How To Build A Professional Website On WordPress

Building a Professional Looking Website on WordPress is far more easy than it was 10 years ago. Gone are the days where many problems arose when manually inputting code to make the whole thing work. With easily downloadable plugins to do all the hard-coding, we can do a variety of customizations on over 250 Stunning Theme Templates. But before we can make our very first website, there are good and bad ways to go about the task.

Below I'll be sharing how long it takes to build a WordPress Website and the costs involved.


How Long Does It Take To Build A WordPress Website


The Best Way How To Build Your Own Website


The best way to build your own website is to use the WordPress Theme Templates. I have used the Wix Platform before discovering the ease and much better control we have over designing factors in WordPress. In fact, WordPress Websites are now the most downloaded Themes in the World and popularity with these templates is exploding! The costs of downloading the templates will vary from host providers but the norm is about $60 a month. The time period needed to build your site based on the average time spent working on the site is about 4 weeks. I have a special offer at the bottom of this post where you can receive $250 worth of FREE Website Optimization to give you a flying start.

How To Find The Best Site Host For Your New Website

Finding the best Site Host for your New WordPress Website is the most important factor to consider here. The Online Host provider you choose must have 24/7 Support, High-Speed Hosting, Full Set Up Training, and Domain Name Purchasing Ability. Remember, not building your website will cost you over $5000 to be built and you still have to pay around $60 per month, Site Hosting Fees. Imagine the money you'll save doing this yourself and learning how to build a website is not hard as it sounds.


Save Money On The Best Platform Website Hosting Online!


I have 12 Websites Online including a Small Business Site and I'm saving myself $340 a month. I learned how to build websites on this Hosting Platform that includes far more than just being a host. You may have heard of this unique Online Learning Program called, Wealthy Affiliate. If not, you can read my 2018 W.A Review Here. I have been a member for just over 3 years now and can't find anywhere else that comes close for both Value and Training. 😉

What Can WordPress Websites Be Used For?

WordPress Website Themes can be used for any purpose you desire and are a perfect way to get your Small Business off the ground. Using WordPress Templates has never been easier and the applications are virtually endless. They can be used for E-commerce to sell your Products Online, promoting your Goods and Services, and reviewing your products that are Amazon or eBay based. 

Below I have included a short video describing exciting updates Wealthy Affiliate released in 2017 and 2018.  


Overview of the training tools included at Wealthy Affiliate.
2 Professional Keyword Tools
24/7 Live Support & Help
Live Training & Weekly SEO Webinars
Wealthy Affiliate’s unique comment and website feedback system.
Website Email
And here’s an update video since they added SiteSpeed


Overview of the training tools included at Wealthy Affiliate

2 Professional Keyword Tools
24/7 Live Support & Help
Live Training & Weekly SEO Webinars
Wealthy Affiliate’s unique comment and website feedback system.
Website Email Platform


NEW UPDATES FOR 2017 / 2018

Here a just some of the updates that took place at Wealthy Affiliate in 2017:

Secure Sockets Layer, Free SSL for Credit Card Transactions (January)
Training, Completely Redesigned (March)
SiteBuilder – Brand New Website Builder (April)
Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0, Relaunched (May)
Site Speed – Your Site is Now on Steroids (May)
Site Content, The Ultimate Writing Platform (June)
Jaaxy 3.0, A Professional Keyword Tool (July)
Site Content Images Platform – Over 1,000,000+ HD Images (October)
Page Speed Insights – Analyze & Improve Your Website Speeds (October)
New Jaaxy Keyword Tool - Finds keywords to Rank Your Website (November)


Kyle and Carson, Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate have announced that there will be more exclusive updates in 2018 with no price rises for the monthly membership fees in the foreseeable future.

==> Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0 (Free)! 

Exclusive Only To The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Exclusive Tools that help your new website with Page Loading Speeds, Added Content With Site Comments,  Improved Ranking On Google is only available at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. These are the kind of Updates for 2017 that will help keep an edge over the Competitors and ensure our Websites receive overall more traffic well into the next decade.


Money Coin Investment Growth
Joining Wealthy Affiliate To Save Money


Joining Wealthy Affiliate can save you a bundle of money that's involved with paying other people to launch your Small Business Website. Some of the costs will include Site Hosting Fees, Website Building Tool Charges, Account Keeping Fees, Updates For Coding Expences, and the list goes on. On top of all this, you will have to engage an SEO EXPERT to get your new site ranking with all the major Search Engines including Google and Bing.

How Much Money Can You Save

Saving money what it's all about and can make the whole difference to the Success of a New Business. Who needs all the added expenses that seem to go on and on when it's a whole lot easier in 2018 to do this ourselves! I can help you with this handy list below that describes the typical charges included when building your much-needed Business Website.


  • Website Hosting with SSL Certificate and Privacy Settings = On average, $40 Per Month.
  • New Website Creation with a Site Building Company = $5000 and upwards.
  • Website Account Handling Fees and Coding Updates = Around $20 a Month.
  • Site Changes, Information Updates, and any other work needed = $100 Per Hour and Upwards.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To get your Website on the Search Listings = $3000 Plus.


As you can see from the list above the total monthly expenses per month to host your New Website would be around $60 a Month. Then add $8000 Plus to build and get your Site Ranked on Google and Bing. This is not to mention the costs of changing information and details on your website which basically starts at around $100 per Hour and above! You can learn to build your own WordPress Website with all the Tools, Help, and Support needed to Rank and get traffic for only $49 with nothing else to pay.

My Number 1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for people to learn how to build their own Websites Online.




Wealthy Affiliate has exclusive Tools found nowhere else on the Internet that certainly gives us an edge over competitors trying to get Google and Bing Rankings.


With High-Speed Website Hosting and a Comment Platform to get Authentic Comments on your new Site all makes for winning ingredients for a successful launch.


Their step-by-step training and expert Help and Support from a large community is NUMBER 1  and is a very affordable price of $49/month.


The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.

Join Today to receive the first-month Membership for only $19.

==>Create Your FREE Account Today!

(No Credit Card Information is Required to Join)

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Thank you for visiting, How To Build A Website For A Small Business. Have you ever tried to build an Online Website but found you were left in the dark when it came down to the training on how to do this? Or have you had a Website Built for you that absolutely cost a fortune and were unhappy about the results for the money spent? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your friend, Jeff. 😃

10 thoughts on “How To Build A Website For A Small Business

  1. Jeff,
    Thanks for the article, you have given me a lot to think about. I’m currently using WordPress for my small business website, but I get overwhelmed by all of the plugins available. Every plugin was touted to make my site speed better, but having too many slowed down the website. Do you recommend any plugins? If so what are the best ones to use to increase my page loading speed?

    Thanks, David.

    1. Thanks for commenting, David. Site speed is very important aspect for a small business website. You only have 3 seconds before a person leaves your page if it hasn’t downloaded into their viewer. Not much time and I think that you would agree. In fact, Businesses lose up to 40% of prospective customers for this reason alone. Google has also come out and said that the websites that have good user experience with fast loading times will rank better than those who don’t.

      I have all my WordPress Websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and this hosting platform is the only one on the net that has the amazing Site Speed Tool. You don’t need to add any plugins to increase your website page loading times. The only other plugin I use is called, WP-Optimize which cleans all unwanted page draft codes, trashed posts, transient code, and orphaned metadata coding.

      Hoped this has helped you out, David. You can check out the official report on the new Wealthy Affiliate Blazing Fast Website Performance, here. Best regards, Jeff. 

  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t use anything else but WordPress! I’ve tried using other platforms, but it simply doesn’t feel right. Maybe I just got too much used to WordPress, but I will never switch! Can I ask you, Jeff, what else does the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Services include? I’m with a well-known Hosting provider but they charging me more money to renew my domains each year.

    Can I purchase a Site Domain Name for my website that does not come attached with me paying extra money at renewal time? Also, is it easy to transfer my Domain names to the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform without losing any of my website data?

    Looking forward to your response as I’m fed up with paying for Upsells.

    1. It seems everybody is switching to building WordPress Websites for a small business. Every year the stats are rising and in fact, WordPress Themed Sites are the most popular Theme Templates and have been for some Years. I love the fact that they are so customizable and easy to work on!

      Hosting your WordPress Domain Website with Wealthy Affiliate includes the exclusive High-Speed-Tool, SSL Certificates, Email Service, Privacy Settings, Professional Keyword Tool, Website Comment Adding Platform, SEO Training Videos and Webinars, 24/7 WordPress Site Support, Domain Purchasing Area, and easy Site Login Dashboard.

      You can also choose from hundreds of WordPress Theme Templates and host up to 50 Websites at Wealthy Affiliate. I have 10 live sites online and with all the added benefits above, I’m saving myself over $300 per month. Each Dot Com Domain Purchase only costs $14.99 and Kyle and Carl (Founders of Wealthy Affiliate) have stated there will be no increases in domain purchases, ever! 

      The WordPress Site Support Team at W.A are one of the best team online. They normally fix website problems in under an hour and switching your WP Sites is a breeze. Please let me know when you want to migrate your website and I would be more than happy to give you a hand.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Hi there, Jeff. This sounds exactly what I’m looking for! I am starting a new venture and can’t afford all that money for someone to build a website for my small business. I like the sounds that I can build my own site and really appreciate I can do this with plenty of help and support if I get stuck. I don’t have a lot of experience with the processes of building a WordPress Website and your free 4-day course is something I would be interested in doing. 

    Just so I have got this right, Jeff. I can join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership and then get the first month for only $19 then $49 a month after that. With the Full Membership, I can get the site speed tool you were talking about, the comment adding platform, site support, and the use of the keyword tool. Also, what kind of training is included on how to set up my new WordPress Website?

    I am very keen to get all this rolling and if you can answer my questions ASAP, will  be appreciated.

    Thanks, Dominik.

    1. Congratts on your new business venture and really smart move to decide to build a WordPress Site yourself, Dominik! One of the biggest reasons new businesses can fail in the first 12 months is not getting enough customers through the door. Having your own Domain Hosted Web Presence is a very powerful marketing tool indeed. Most people that read your advertising material will seek further information about your business through your website before deciding whether to call or not. I can help you to get started with WordPress Site Optimization Plugins, picking a WordPress Theme, how to use Site Support, getting comments onto your site, and how to choose the right keywords to get your website ranked in Google. You can learn how to do all this with my Free 4- Day Course which is conducted weekly on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

      When you join the free membership, I can offer you a special deal that offers a 60% savings of the first month’s price. This bonus is designed to test the waters and gives you plenty of time to see for yourself how it all works. You can opt out at any time with NO PENALTIES or Extra Charges Applied! Wealthy Affiliate is very serious about teaching people how to build their own Successful WordPress Sites and has over One Million active members.

      Every tool is you mentioned above is included in your membership and this also includes Hundreds of Training Modules on how to build your site. Also not mentioned above, you can ask questions 24/7 and get quick help in usually under 30 minutes or join the “Live Chat Area” for instant answers to your questions.

      I can give you a helping hand with all the setup, Dominik. I will be like your personal mentor until you are up and running and can fly by yourself. You can join the free membership here and once you have set up your account, I will greet you inside. If you have any other queries on your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’d be more than happy to assist you.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. This looks like a great deal, and should be considered when looking for a host for a website. Certainly a good deal here, as there are features that are not available in other offers. I remember, in other hosts, the features listed in here usually comes with an extra cost. I’m actually interested in starting an Affiliate Internet Business and this offer looks great.

    There’s only one thing that puzzles me here…

    It is said, “No credit card details required to participate”. How is Wealthy Affiliate going to make money off the customer? If I am the affiliate, how can I make money out of it?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gomer. Build WordPress Websites to make money online isn’t as hard as it once was. But to succeed with Online Marketing, you will need access to superior training tools to make this process easier. The Wealthy Affiliate Membership includes every marketing training equipment with absolutely no extra fees attached!

      The free membership is designed to test the waters and allows you to build 2 WordPress Sites with training on how to set them up. This offer also includes WordPress Hosting with the add a comment to your posts area and the “Amazing Site Speed” tool.

      The idea behind the free start is to get you rolling and make some online money to upgrade to the Premium Version. Kyle and Carson (The Companies Creators) have set their business up this way to enable you to get all the benefits of the paid membership for less money. It’s a win, win situation and I think one that can change your life forever!

      I always suggest to new referrals to join as a freebie so you can see what Online Affiliate Marketing is all about, If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me here and I would be more than happy to help.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Hi, there. I am looking to build a website for a small Business and reading your post, the Wealthy Affiliate Online Program looks to be a fair price for all the tools that are provided. I have heard that WordPress are the number one website building platform on the Internet. I took your advice and joined the free membership to have a look around. When it comes to building a website for small business, I noticed Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE website builder called Site Rubix that uses the WordPress platform.

    Do you recommend that I start with Site Rubix especially to start building a website and can I transfer my website data over to the paid plan when I get a bit more confident?
    When I saw how easy and fast it is to build a website with Site Rubix, it was a huge relief.
    I have tried to build a website with WIX in the past and failed miserably.
    Your post should be a blueprint for everyone who wants to build a website and start their own business.

    Thank you, Miroslav.

    1. Hi there, Miroslav. The SiteRubix is a great Website Builder Platform that you can use for free to learn how to build a website online. The Data from your SiteRubix Website can easily be transferred to the Professional WordPress Version when you feel more comfortable in what you’re doing. 

      I have tried the WIX Website Platform too and found WordPress to be far superior for styling and generally, much easier to use. When you are ready to make the move from SiteRubix to your own Domain Name, please don’t hesitate to contact me for help and guidance doing this.

      Best regards, Jeff.

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