Best Way How To Add Comments To A Blog Website

How To Get Comments For Your Website

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How To Get Comments For Your Website


How To Get Comments On Your Website The Easy Way


Knowing how to get comments on your Website the easy way can do wonders for the Seo of the Site and will add valuable content that Search Engines love. Each comment counts as extra words and shows Google Bots that visitors are engaging with your contents. Bloggers can actually outrank other "Competitor Sites" on the ladder simply by adding more engagement! Websites that don't apply comments usually rely on Back Links to rank. If the Incoming links are not natural, they will only last several months on the top pages before being blacklisted.


How To Add Comment To A Blog Website
Easy Ways How To Add Comments To A Website


Getting Comments On A Website Is Not A Easy Feat!


Getting a comment on your website the traditional way is no easy feat! People lead very busy lives and the reality is that most will leave your Site before leaving any comments. This is just the price we pay for living in the modern era. Even if the person has heaps of spare time, they are still in that "Rush, Rush" mode. So with this in mind, how do we persuade people to leave a comment on our Websites?


People Website Comment Blog Profiles


Placing a short paragraph at the bottom of your post to encourage people to leave you a comment is a great place to begin. Start off by thanking them for visiting your site and would they like to share their thoughts about the information presented. You could even go one step more and ask if they have any questions they would like to ask? All this is good stuff and will get you a couple of comments at least. But to play with the Big Timers on the front line listings of Google, we need more, lots more! The truth is, we should have 40 comments plus on a Post Page to tantalize our little Search Bot friends and show them we mean business.


Add comments to a website are great for SEO by Shoutmeloud on how comments help to rank.

How To Get Unlimited Comments To A Website

Would you like to know how to get unlimited comments on your Website without paying an arm and a leg? I have been a member of an Online Platform for the past 3 Years that has their own commenting area. This legendary way works by leaving a comment for a person and in return, you get relevant comments back to place on your Website. How easy is that!? There are no limits on the comments you receive and there's even a "Request Another Comment" option if you're not satisfied with the comment. This Company has been helping people make a living online since 2005 and has over 1.4 million active members and growing.


You Can Now Get Paid To Leave Comments!


As from the 10th of October 2018, you can now get paid for leaving comments! So now and exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate, you can earn 100's each month writing comments. Not only can you earn cash by doing this, but every comment you do will automatically qualify you to receive a comment back to put on your website. How sweet is that!?


No Upsells, Scams, or Upgrades


This Company is one of the most genuine Online Platforms operating on the Internet today and with such positive reviews, it's a well deserved Success Story. Ran by Kyle and Carson, two of the most respected people in their field provide a Scam Free Environment for folks to participate in Online marketing. The Premium Membership is top value and is rated #1 best marketing platform on the net which offers a completely Free Membership to check it all out.

Extra Benefits At Wealthy Affiliate

Not only do you get a complete Comment Adding Platform, but there are also tons of extra benefits included. If you are already running an online business or thinking about starting your own, Wealthy Affiliate WILL save you bulk money every month.

  • Easy Domain Name Transfers
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How To Edit Comments For WordPress Websites

Comments Tips To Improve Your SEO

Getting comments to improve the SEO value of your Website is only one factor to consider. Receiving Comments also adds content to the post which is super fantastic for the Search Bots.  Below, I have listed 3 Elements to follow when replying to a comment. The person writing your comment will normally ask questions when commenting on your Blog Post.


Comment Element One:  Always leave a detailed reply that consists of 2oo Words or more! If the website post is about How To Groom Dogs, add some of your keywords in the post in the comment about Grooming a Dog. The comment left will most likely be about Grooming Dogs and this is a good way to explain your reply whilst adding extra Searchable Keywords to your Post Content.


Comment Element Two:  Put in a couple of Internal Links with your comment reply because this adds extra SEO juice to the Post. I always leave a link at the bottom of the comment too, especially if a question has been asked! A simple sentence to use could be, "If you would like to know more about Dog Grooming, please contact me here for extra info."


Comment Element Three:  If the commenter has left their name, always start the comment with a greeting like this. Thank you for commenting on the Website, John. Also, try and put in the closing sentences of your comment, this will add engagement for other readers and the person commenting. A good way to close of would be, "I hoped I've solved all your queries, John."

By following the 3 Tips above should have you commenting on comments received like a pro. I would suggest adding no less than 40 comments for every Page or Post that you want to be ranked with Google. 

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Thank you for visiting, How To Add Comment To A Blog Website. Are you just getting one or two comments on a Website Blog Post? Or even worse, none at all! Please tell me about your "frustrations" with trying to get people to leave a comment on your site. I know I have lost a lot of hair in the past figuring this one out, how about you? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your friend, Jeff. 😃

12 thoughts on “How To Get Comments For Your Website

  1. Thanks for writing such a good article in the form of tips for SEO of a website. People always try direct method but most of the time these trick don’t work for SEO. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good website optimization for me and my websites or blog. This content is so valuable and surely unique that people are happy and really helpful for them.
    I have several blog sites in desperate need of receiving more comments. Is there a limit to how many comments I can place on my websites?

    1. Thank you for commenting and I’m glad you found my SEO tips to be helpful. You can place as many comments on your blog sites and there is no limit. You can even get a 60% saving on your first-month membership which works out to be only $19. Your membership even includes the Jaaxy Keyword Tool, Image Libary, and hundreds of Expert Marketing Webinar Videos.
      You can join through this link or contact me here for more info.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hey this is a really good article, Jeff. Website comments are very important for your engagement and I would love to get that feature available at wealthy affiliate to get comments on all my posts. Comments are really good for rankings and I think a lot of people would love wealthy affiliate just for that because I haven’t seen any other programs have that!

    Getting people to leave comments on a website blog is very difficult and only have a handful on the 2 sites that I own. Can I transfer my Website Data and Domain name to the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting and would this be much of a problem?  Also, does the comment platform come with the free membership too? I might also consider building a new WordPress Website there as I have read they are the best theme templates to work with.

    Thanks, Justin.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Everybody struggles to get comments on a blog post including me until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Having regular comments coming in on your website posts is actually a ranking factor with Google Yahoo Bing Search Engines that indicates the website has engagement. Put together with quality content (1500+ Words) You can outrank other sites to rank higher in the search engines.

      Yes you can transfer all website data and domain name to Wealthy Affiliate. once you’re a member, WordPress Site Support will give you a hand with this. Both the paid version and free memberships teach you how to get comments on your website. I would suggest you join the free membership first to have a look. Follow this link to find out what is the wealthy affiliate free membership about.

      If you need any help with the joining up, please don’t hesitate to contact me here and I would be more than happy to assist.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. How very true. In order to get comments, you have to have very interesting and engaging post. It should offer the possibility for the battle of opinions. Something like we see in comment sections of news portals.This is not easy to achieve, especially when beginning with blogging. Getting Site Comments to a website post is probably one of the most important factors when aiming for higher rankings with Search Engines like Google.

    I have not seen any other Online Marketing Programs that includes the Site comments feature. I’m lucky to achieve getting 3 comments on a post and I know this isn’t enough to outrank my competitors. How many post comments would I need per post article to get an advantage and rank the first page of Google?

    What other SEO Tools does the Wealthy Affiliate Membership offer that I can’t obtain on other platforms?

    Cheers, Alex.

    1. Thank you for commenting on my post, Alex. Adding comments to your blog website or any other type of website is paramount to getting ranked by Search Engines. Online Algorithms like Google and Bing use comments to determine how people are engaging with the “Contents” of your post. Search Engine Algorithms can’t read what our content is all about. True enough, they can perceive what the topic of our posts are about by the Keywords we use but determining the “quality” of the content is purely Science Fiction! Whilst Spider Bot Algorithms are very complex they still need to read and evaluate certain triggers that determine if a post is of a high standard.

      The elements needed for higher post rankings to consider should include at least 20 Comments per post,  the Bounce Rate, (Time people spend on your post) the number of words within a post, (1000+) how fast your post loads. Mastering the above SEO Components will certainly give you an edge over competing sites for fist page ranking.

      I have hundreds of posts that are sitting on the first page of Google and Bing just because I have 30 comments on a post over their 3 or 4. Site Speed is also a huge ranking factor and if your website meets the standards above and also loads quicker, you are going to rank higher than them.

      You will only find the Site-Comment Platform at Wealthy Affiliate, Alex. Another exciting game changer and exclusive to W.A is the revolutionary new Site-Speed Tool. This enables your Website Posts and also includes your Home Page to achieve page speed loading scores of 95 for Mobile and 98 for Desktop on Google Insights. This is a very important SEO Ranking Factor as most sites online are only scoring in the low seventies.

      Other benefits of becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate includes the hosting of up to 50 WordPress Websites, Domain name purchasing area, SSL Certificates, Privacy Settings, 24/7 WordPress Site Support, Jaaxy Keyword Tool, Hundreds of SEO Training Webinars and Video Modules, WordPress Site Building Tips, and 24 hour Marketing Support form over One Million Members.

      The best of all here, you can join the Free Membership and get full access to all the tools for a test run without giving any kind of Credit Card Details.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. Hey, Jeff. I really enjoyed reading your post and very good explained. I have a website myself. I was already doing the third step right but I didn’t know about the SEO value of keywords in a comment and the internal links. I thought the links wouldn’t have any value because they are always nofollow links. anyway learned something new again today. Thanks for this information and have a nice day.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Aron. There’s a lot you can do with comments and are one of the best ways to get Google noticing your blog posts. When adding a comment to a blog post, always place Internal Links within the comment that leads to pages on your site that has relevant information.

      Whilst it’s true that External Links do have a nofollow links placed in them to cut down on spamming, you can still add them if the links lead to reliable sources to explain extra material needed for explanations.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Great information and I’m going to start implementing your suggestions on my website. I especially liked how you explained to add links in the reply back comments. I didn’t know how important internal links were in reply comments and found These 3 tips are very helpful.
    Thanks for the advice Jeff!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment, Brad. Yes! Comments and internal links on your Blog Website are very important to boost the SEO Power of a site. This is especially the case for Newer Websites that have limited Link Juice coming in from other sources.
      You can link to relevant Posts on your Blog or use Outgoing Links to other Websites that offer additional value.
      Best Regards, Jeff.

  6. Receiving comments on my 2 Websites is very hard going and I relate to this Post totally, Jeff. I have a well-versed section on the Blog Site encouraging people to leave comments for me and only have a total of 11 comments placed on both sites. Seems like they don’t want to.
    How many comments do I need in a single Post to Improve the SEO Ranking of my website?
    Also, Does Wealthy Affiliate have a hosting platform to host on?
    Thanks, Fred.

    1. The problem with people leaving comments on your two websites, Fred is nobody thinks they have the time of day to stop and leave a comment. It’s all “Rush, Rush” and unfortunately, this frame of mind is not going to change soon! We need at least 40 Comments on a Single Blog Post before our Websites can revert from getting a trickle of traffic to convert into a Rampaging River. Most Sites that are ranking on the first page of Search Engines that have no comment area engaged are over 10 Years Old. They rely on Trusted Natural Back Links that have been accumulated and this is very
      Powerful” indeed.
      Most of my WordPress Websites are only 2 Years Old and I’m ranking on page one by adding comments. This is a factor that many of us Online Blogging Entrepreneurs think it’s impossible to achieve a good comment count, but that’s not correct.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a complete WordPress Hosting Service with easy Site Log-In features and High-Speed Tools to really get your WordPress Theme Buzzing!
      If you are hosting with Wix or any other Website Platform there are ways to switch from Wix to WordPress that is not overly complicated.
      Please do contact me if you require any help, Jeff.

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