How To Get Top Google Search Results

How To Get Top Google Rankings

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How To Get Top Google Rankings


How To Increase Search Engine Ranking In Google


Knowing how to increase Search Engine Ranking in Google is the best skill set one can learn and since getting more traffic to your website is the best way to making money online, SEO then must become our best friend. Like anything we do in life, there are ok ways of doing things or the right ways that get results! Below is an easy beginner guide on ways how to get top Google Rankings and Increase your SEO efforts to drive heaps more organic traffic to your site.

How To Improve Your Website Ranking In Google

There are several methods you can use when improving your website ranking in Google. One method is to hire a Professional SEO Consultant or you can learn how to do SEO yourself. Whether you are thinking of learning SEO yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, looking carefully at the proposition can save you a lot of time and money. If the first attempts to get your website rank higher with search engines has failed, don't worry, help is at hand.


What Does A SEO Consultant Do?


Not to be confused with a Search Engine Company, a professional SEO Consultant main focus is to guide you in the right direction and fix up on page mistakes. They make sure your Title Keywords will actually rank, they are in the right place, and check the keyword density rates of your site. Here are benefits you can expect when hiring an expert SEO consulting services.

  • Checks your content is related to the Keywords being targeted for.
  • Makes sure your Title Keywords are placed correctly.
  • Searches for missing Alt Tags in downloaded images.
  • Ensures you are using the correct Meta Tags throughout your website.
  • Check for Keyword Stuffing.
  • Makes sure that your targeted keywords will actually rank.
  • Advise you on Social Media Strategies.
  • Show you ways to get Organic Backlinks.
  • WordPress Websites: Optimize plugins downloaded to clean up old Javascript Code.

Unlike the bigger SEO Companies, your Search Engine Consultant will not cost you a small fortune to engage and in most cases, their hourly rate is very affordable. 


How To Learn Seo Basics For Beginners

There are several ways how to learn about SEO for free when first starting your Search Engine Optimization quest. Whilst I don't recommend learning SEO by yourself, YouTube can offer some good tips. Aspiring to improve your Google Rankings through online videos has got its limitations though. I have watched my fair share of YouTube vids and discovered a couple of grey areas. Firstly, I have found that the training is not fully complete!


How To Do SEO YouTube Videos 


They often leave out vital bits of information that binds everything together leaving us with more questions than answers when the whole process doesn't work... This is often done on purpose so you subscribe to their channel to get the whole picture. Googles, Matt Cutt offers some great training but it will take you a lot of time to seek out all the different topics he offers.

The Video below shows Matt Cutts explaining about Keyword Density.

TIP! Keep your Keywords sounding perfectly natural within a sentence or paragraph.

How To Learn Search Engine Optimization For Free

There are some good ways to learn Search Engine Optimation for free by joining a reputable program that teaches SEO. One of the best in the business is an online platform where they teach you how to get a website ranked on Google.


The benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate


The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership has some great SEO Tools you can use without paying a dime. This is the program I used to learn Search Engine Ranking and got my first Google website ranking within a week.


  • No Credit Card Details needed to use the platform.
  • Courses on getting your website ranking in Google.
  • Free Keyword Finder Tool.
  • SEO Webinar Video Training.
  • Ask Search Engine Ranking questions in the live chat area.
  • Be Mentored by me and get a free website appraisal.


This state of the art Affiliate Marketing Platform also has free courses to show you the best way to make good money online and has over 1.4 million active members. There has never been a better time for starting your own online business as the demand for Internet Marketers is ever increasing... Peoples spending through Affiliate Websites is predicted to topple the Trillion Dollar mark by 2020 and as the population is set to rise to 9 Billion People by 2029, it makes perfect sense to get in early.

How To Promote Wealthy Affiliate For Extra Income

You can also learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate which pays a very good rate for new referrals. I have been promoting W.A for 3 years and make a considerable extra income each month by doing this. The best thing here is, that people love the Wealthy Affiliate Training and you get paid while they are building their online businesses.


How Much Money Can I Make On Wealthy Affiliate?


This is an excellent way to pay your monthly membership while building your own online business. The rates paid below are put into your Bank Account and can really start adding up as you progress.


How Much Money Can I Make At Wealthy Affiliate?


The amount of money you can earn at Wealthy Affiliate can really add up and you only need 2 new referrals to pay for your monthly membership. There is full training on how to do this and since 2 free websites are included, why not use one of them to build yourself an extra money earner? Amounts shown below are based on each new person you bring in.

How To Make Money Referring People

Wow, that's pretty good! You can make $23.50 per new referral each month and $11.75 for referrals with the free membership.


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How To Make Money By Referring People

The Best Affiliate Program In The World

Wealthy Affiliate has the best Affiliate Program in the World and includes a comprehensive Free Bootcamp Training Courses, below. They even teach you how to make your own YouTube video in this one!

The Best Affiliate Program To Join

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training includes ten free courses in video and text format on how to set up your free website with proven methods to get you rolling.

Learn, Grow, And Achieve Success!

Our ultimate goal is not just to learn SEO, but also how to make a consistent passive income so that we can achieve financial freedom and be mentored by some of the best marketing folk on the Internet.

This is My Private Invitation for you to join this awesome community.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you'll be equipped with success building tools and surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs like you.

I can't wait to meet you inside!

No Credit Card Details Needed To Start
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Your friend, Jeff. 😃

2 thoughts on “How To Get Top Google Rankings

  1. You provide a good break down in understand SEO and give a good overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program. There are a number of ways to earn an income online and it is essential to find the right training to allow you to build up a good business. Most platforms offer some basic training however you do need to invest to gain the right skill set and it is important people see the value in paying for sound training.

    What kind of SEO Training does Wealthy Affiliate offer and do they show me how to rank higher in the google search?

    I always struggle a little bit to get my posts on top of the Google Rankings. How much do you charge for your SEO Consultancy Service and what are the kinds of Search Engine Optimization services are offered?

    Do you offer a free website appraisal to define areas of my site that can be improved?

    Looking forward to your responses, Katie.

    1. Thank you for leaving your comment, Katie. I always love to answer queries about SEO and I’ll endeavor to answer all of your answers starting off with Wealthy Affiliate. W.A is the platform that I learned how to do SEO and includes some of the best and up to date training with SEO methods.

      As you say above, Katie, we have to spend a little bit of money to make money. No one ever heard of someone making a million dollars for free but the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate will get you heading on the right path to achieve this. The free version of W.A offers a free course on how to build a website that includes instructions on the SEO of the site. This training comes in the form of text and video format and is a fantastic introduction to website building.

      The premium membership is a lot more advanced of course and this is why I always advise people to join a free start first before paying any money up front! Wealthy Affiliate has tons of very useful SEO Search Engine Tools at your disposal including keyword search engine tool, weekly webinars on SEO training, hundreds of SEO training videos, 24/7 help and support with your SEO from me and thousands of expert marketers, and exclusive access to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson.

      I would be delighted to give your website a look over to see areas that need fixing, Katie! Quite often these issues that will affect your SEO Ranking are quite small and the usual suspects are keyword placements, website speed, HTML Tags, and content length. Your site appraisal is totally free and you can contact me here for further information.

      Best regards, Jeff.

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