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The Best Free Website Builder With Hosting

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The Best Free Website Builder And Hosting


The Best Free Website Builder With Hosting For 2018


You have just found the best Free Website Builder with Hosting for 2018 and beyond. This terrific deal includes two stylish WordPress sites, free email platform, and a free high-speed page loading tool. To succeed with any type of Online Business, you must have a Working Site and Hosting Platforms on the Internet that allows you to do this for zilch are very rare indeed!  FREE Website Builder with Hosting ready for the Internet that includes 25 free Ultra-Modern Web Themes and training videos on how to set them up. 

The Most Used Website Platform On The Internet

WordPress Website Platforms are by far the most widely used Content Management Systems on the Internet today. Reasons for WP being the best Site Creation Platform is simple. The Themes Interface is easy to use and no coding is required. All themes are Mobile Responsive and load extremely well on any browser. They have the best plugins to improve the performance of your website. Their SEO Plugins are well designed to greatly enhance the chances of getting ranked in Google! The 24/7 support to solve any problems is fantastic and you don't have to wait long for a response. A Platform doesn't become Number One without good reason and being top of the ladder is so understandable!

Fastest WordPress Page Loading Speeds In The World


How's this! You can build 2 WordPress Sites and each one comes with an exclusive Site-Speed Function that will elevate your page loading times into Googles approval book. When activated within the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard, this page loading speed tool will give you scores of 95 for Mobile and 98 for Desktop. Even higher scores can be achieved depending on the WordPress Theme. This offer is only available on this Marketing Platform and is a very nice added bonus to add to your sites. Click here for more info and a full review of this amazing WordPress feature.

Learning How To Build A Website From Scratch

Learning how to build a WordPress Website from scratch is a lot easier when you have step by step Training Videos that can be viewed at your leisure. Just imagine creating your free site with easy to follow lessons that teach you how to get it all rolling and get indexed in the Google Search Listings! This amazing offer won't cost you a dime and does not include any Upsells with the free training.

Have a look at the video below to see how it all works!

How To Create A Powerful WordPress Blog Site

Start Building Your Free Website Here

Free Site Comment Platform Also Included!

Not only do you get 2 free WordPress Hosted Sites with an exclusive page speed loading tool, You will also get access to the Wealthy Affiliate Comment Platform! This allows you to get unique comments placed on your new website and there's no limit to how many you can have. Receiving comments from external sources to your Blog posts is extremely hard. people love to read your posts material but don't think they have the time to leave a comment. Google loves sites that have comments on. It shows that you're creating discussion within your pages and people are actually engaging in your content. There's no other Online Platform that has Site Comments and is truly unique to Wealthy Affiliate.

Benefits You Will Get Hosting Your Website At Wealthy Affiliate

Most Programs that have Hosting Capabilities include many extra charges to access the tools to make your website work. At Wealthy Affiliate, the Free Membership contains no hidden fees or Upsells. Most people want to test the waters first and I think this is a good strategy. There are tons of Online Scams out there and if you are contemplating joining an Internet Hosting Platform that does not give you a free look, I urge you to take a closer at the proposal.


What Do You Get With The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership?



This is a great membership and it's the best I have ever seen online! You will have to do a lot of sifting through to find a free program that even comes close to this one. The free membership is yours to keep for good and doesn't come with pressure tactics to upgrade. The list of tools below will blow you away and I still can't believe what's included!

  • Two WordPress Websites And Hosting
  • 25 WordPress Theme Templates To Choose From
  • High-Speed Website Page Loading Tool (Score 95 Mobile & Desktop In Google Page Speed Insights)
  • Spam Blocker And Free Email Service
  • 24/7 Superior WordPress Site Support (Very Quick Support & Help)
  • Genuine Comment Platform (Enables You To Receive Comments On Your Posts)
  • Training Videos On How To Set Up Your Website And Getting Google Rankings
  • Image Libary Containing over One Million Images
  • 24/7 Support And Help From Over 1.3 Active Members (First 7 Days)


Jumping Over Is A Breeze


If you belong to other Hosting Platforms, jumping over is a breeze and can be done in less than ten minutes. All you have to do is point your Name Server to Wealthy Affiliate and Woolah, your done. 

What People Like You Are Saying

Hi, Jeff. just want to thank you for saving me heaps of money with the hosting of my websites and for fantastic results I’m receiving in Google Page Speed Tests.

Site Testimonial


Followed your website link to Wealthy Affiliate and joined as a free member. I can’t believe there is such a place online that teaches you without paying a cent.

Website Testimonial


Hi, Jeff! Thanks for guiding me to such a genuine platform with so many benefits. I can’t believe I’m actually doing something this positive to secure my financial future.

Testimonial For Website


Thanks, Jeff! You saved me a lot of money and I now have my Small Business Website up and running. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly value for money with all the Included Training Material. 

Testimonial Form Robert

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!

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Thank you for visiting, The Best Free Website Builder With Hosting. Having a fully Responsive Site is a must for making money online and you can't get any better than the WordPress Platforms. Would you like some help or more information on how to set up your free Website? Please leave your thoughts below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy. 😃

10 thoughts on “The Best Free Website Builder With Hosting

  1. Hi there, Jeff. I saw your post on Google Plus and couldn’t agree more about creating a website using WordPress Themes. I’ve used WordPress for some time now and really like how user-friendly it is. Just like you mention, it is really a great way to help your website rank with Google and other search engines. The SEO component really makes the WordPress Platform a powerful tool for making your website a success.

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too and I love the added benefits that are included with our memberships. I have not seen any other marketing platform online that includes a High-Speed Site Page Loading Tool and a comment Area where we can receive authentic comments to place on our websites.

    Really enjoyed reading your post and wish you all future successes.

    1. The best WordPress themes for business websites are the most used templates on the Internet and account for around 19,500,000 users Worldwide. The page load time tool is a real game changer too, JD. Not only are our website pages loading faster than the competition sites, this will give us a distinct advantage for higher search engine rankings on Google and Bing. Comments are really hard to get on our post pages too and the Wealthy Affiliate Comment Platform is a real winner. Google Search Engines loves comments as they show that people are engaging on our sites.

      We need all the advantages to rank higher in search engines and Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the only Platform taking up this challenge. Here’s to your success in the coming year, JD.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. This is great information on how to create a website with WP. I am in the process of deciding what platform to use to create my new small business website. There are a lot of different ones to choose from and I do find it a little overwhelming at times. I need a version where I can customize the site and it has to be user-friendly. I also want to sell products with an online store and don’t want it to be over complicated. I have heard WordPress has some great features compared to the Wix Platform.

    What are some of the benefits I can get using WordPress Templates over the Wix Systems?

    Thanks, Nate,

    1. Hi there, Nate. I first started out on the Wix Platform and found that it’s not so easy to customize your site as WordPress. WordPress Theme Templates comes with all different kinds of Free Plugins that really help with the customization of a site. There are some good E-Commerce Plugins if you want to set up an Online Store and Wix is fairly limited with these options. This is one of the reasons that creating a site with WordPress is now the most popular used Theme Templates in the World…

      The benefits you can expect are better customizations to your site by using plugins and when things go wrong, a far superior 24/7 technical support. I have had minor problems with my sites in the past and WordPress Site Support normally only takes around 30 minutes to correct the issue.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Great site, very informative and easy to follow.
    I have heard nothing but good reports about WordPress Websites I also hear the WP Platform is so easy to use and includes lots of plugins. What would you say is the better choice of Sites, WordPress or Wix?
    You have inspired me and makes me want to join!
    Thank you, Noreen.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Noreen. The Wix Site Platform is okay but is only really suited to either beginners or businesses that only want fairly standard websites… There are a lot more WordPress Templated Themes to choose from and include thousands of plugins to improve the look of your website. WordPress Platforms are flexible in the sense as, as your business grows, you can custom build and add features needed.
      Wealthy Affiliate can help you build a professional looking website and includes 24/7 backup, member support, easy login dashboard, training, and the Jaaxy keyword tool to help you find great low ranking keywords…
      If you need any assistance with the free joining membership, contact me here and I would be more than happy to do so.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. This is great information and it’s exactly what I have been looking for, Jeff.
    Just to make sure I’ve got this all correct, I can host and build a WordPress Website and it won’t cost me anything. Also, if I decide to become a Premium Member, can I transfer the free Site to the paid version?
    Looking forward to your response as I would like to get started ASAP.

    1. You certainly can transfer your free site to the paid version at any time, Maria. The Free Membership is yours to keep and there are no time limits placed on. When you are ready, Marie, please contact me and I can help you do the Transfer and Optimize your New Website so you’re ready to go.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Hey Jeff. it’s amazing how far web design has come. In a couple of decades, building a website went from hours of coding, to being a basic drag and drop operation. Even more impressive if you want to add to you WordPress website, then there are thousands of plugins that are interchangeable with every website theme that will help you achieve the look and feel of what you imagined your site to be. 

    Does Wealthy Affiliate offer a Domain name Service and how many websites can I host there?

    Thanks, Dan.

    1. It’s true that the WordPress Website Theme templates have come a long way since the days of manually imputing code to determinate what your site will look like. Modern WP Themes are so easy to setup and there is so much help available if we get stuck! They have done an impressive job and made starting an online business a whole lot easier for people.

      Wealthy Affiliate has an in-house section where you can purchase Domain Names which all come with free SSL Certificates, Privacy Settings, and a new Site Speed Tool that will enable you to get scores in the high 90’s for both Mobile and Desktop with Google Page Speed Insights.

      Each domain costs only $13.99 and there are no added price rises when it comes to renew. You can host up to 50 Websites which is extremely appreciable when you have multiple sites! 

      Best Regards, Jeff.

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