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The Best Way How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

The Best Way How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing
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How To Get Started With A Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Knowing how to get started with a successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign is solely dependent on the Platform you Join! Programs on the net contain different characteristics which will greatly impact on success rates of its Members. Anyone can succeed at Internet Marketing but certain conditions must be present for this to happen! It's like following a food recipe and leaving some vital ingredients out when preparing that results in a failed dish. Being Successful Online is no different and if the correct Marketing Tools aren't present, you will most likely fail. Nobody wants to waste their time and money starting a new business with high failure rates and the tips below can save you a fortune!

The Problem With Most Online Platforms

The biggest problems with most Online Platforms is the lack of Support and Help Structures and continues Upsells to access different training levels. I have found that 99% of people that fail at their Internet Business Startups is because of the two reasons above. Another big factor why people can fail online is time restrictions placed on when you can view how to do Video Training. A lot of us that start businesses on the net still work full or part-time work and missing "vital" segments of instructions needed to advance often leads to triggers that force us to give up our dream!

Success And Failure Rates In Internet Marketing
Reasons For Success And failure

Failure is not your fault, it's just a condition of the environment that you are in!

Many Online Operators that teach people how to build their own Internet Business can be more focused on the money value they are bringing in rather than concentrating on the success rates of its members. Often they are extremely adept at Talking The Talk" but not so good at delivering complete Training Platforms needed to succeed on!

Paying For Everything That You Need!

Most Internet Marketing Plaforms with a Free Membership have extra charges for vital tools that you need to build successful online businesses. Most of them say it's compltely free to participate but once your'e in the front door, all the extra charges slowly trickle in. Such vital tools as Domain names and Hosting, Site-Speed Tools,and Affiliate Marketing Training.

When joining free learning platforms, they "must" include a Domain Name with Site Hosting, Page Speed Loading Tools, and defiently, access to Free Marketing Training Material. This is a BIGGY! You should always never give your Credit card details to join Online Programs that are supposed to be FREE.

Tools You Need To Have With Affiliate Marketing Businesses

The tools needed to succeed in your Affiliate Marketing Business should be all-inclusive and you shouldn't have to pay extra money to access them! We all blame using the wrong tool for a botched job, so why trust in Platforms that offer inferior services?

The Comparison Table Below is a typical overview of what Marketing Tools you can expect to find on the net. 

Wealthy Affiliate Versus Other Platforms

Wealthy Affiliate includes all the tools and training ever needed to succeed with your Online Business with NO extra charges. The Free Membership allows you to take a risk-free look and has 2 hosted WordPress Website with 10 easy to follow Training Videos on how to build your site. The Freebie Version also includes a State of the art, Site-Speed Tool, and Website Comment Platform to add comments on your site posts. You can cancel at any time with no penalties or opt-out fees included. No Credit card details needed to participate!

Online Platforms With A $2000 Plus Joining Fee!

Online Training Platforms that charge you lump-sum payments of Two Thousand Dollars or more to join normally grab your attention with the same sought of Sales Pitches! They usually start out with phrases such as, "Memberships are exclusive and not everybody can join" or "There are only 10 spots left in this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Whilst most of these proposals are not Scams, there are certain criteria one should be aware of! Before paying any fees, read the fine print to see if they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Not all offer a refund and this can be a very costly mistake indeed. Most of these "Pay Up Front" Platforms don't have a Free Membership to test the waters so it's very advisable to make sure every tool you need to succeed is included within 20 days. A lot of people fail to do this and then have to chalk it down to be an expensive life lesson!

A Quick Look At The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for people to learn how to earn money online. A Solid Platform for beginners and experts alike at a value packaged price.


Their step-by-step training and 24/7 helpful support & resourceful community are charged at a very affordable price of $49/month.

The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.

Overall, the entire platform is very valuable & resourceful. It's hard to find any negative review of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended Platform for people who want to earn a real living working online.

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facts About Wealthy Affiliate

Company Established
24/7 Support
Training Modules
Free To Join

Wealthy Affiliate Updates for 2017

All updates for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform in 2017. Even more exciting improvements to come in 2018 so stay tuned!

  • Site-Speed: latest technology to make our WordPress Website Loading Speed the fastest in the World. (Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Free SSL Certificates and Privacy Settings for all websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Free Jaaxy Keyword Tool: One of the best keyword tools on the net to find Low Competition Keywords. (Only available at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Free Image Libary: Over 1 Million Images to place on your website.
  • Reached over One Million Members to give you Help and Support 24/7 (Only at W.A.)
  • Comment Placement Area to get comments placed on your Website. (Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Updated easy to follow Training videos. (Hundreds of Training modules)

As you can see, 2017 was a great year and it's only going get better in 2018. Not many platforms give you the value and expertise to make money online a whole lot easier!

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

What People Are Saying

Hi, Jeff. just want to thank you for saving me heaps of money with the hosting of my websites and for fantastic results I’m receiving in Google Page Speed Tests.

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Followed your website link to Wealthy Affiliate and joined as a free member. I can’t believe there is such a place online that teaches you without paying a cent.

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Hi, Jeff! Thanks for guiding me to such a genuine platform with so many benefits. I can’t believe I’m actually doing something this positive to secure my financial future.

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Thanks, Jeff! You saved me a lot of money and I now have my Small Business Website up and running. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly value for money with all the Included Training Material. 

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2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!

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Thank you for visiting, The Best Way How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing. Have you joined an Online Marketing Program that has promised the World but delivered services well below your expectations!? Did this service offer you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and how easy was it to get your money back? Success on the Internet is very much reliant on the tools we have available to us. If you would like some helpful advice on how to start your career or have any thoughts you would like to share, just leave them in the comment box below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your friend, Jeff. 😃

14 thoughts on “The Best Way How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

  1. Really amazing post. Actually, I want to start my own affiliate website and work as a full-time affiliate and earn money. therefor I am thinking to hire a dedicated company for making my website. On searching google I found a UK based company which provide these kinds of services. If you have another option please recommend me.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Morgan.
      I had a look at the proposition you mentioned above about building an affiliate website. As far as being genuine, this looks the case but I did find an issue I think you should be aware of.
      There were no pricing lists of how much you can expect to pay with their services. Another issue with this is website building comes with lots of hidden extras including Site Hosting, SSL Certificates, and Keyword Research Tools.
      Building an Affiliate Website this way Morgan will cost ya and I did not see any guarantees your website would be ranked in the search engines. Without the correct training on how to get your new website ranking on Google and Bing. Without this, you can be paying a whole lot of money without seeing the returns to pay for it all…
      Wealthy Affiliate offers a totally free membership where you can learn to build an Affiliate Website which includes 2 Free WordPress Websites with Hosting, Site Speed Tool, 10 Video Course on how to do this, and Domain Name.
      The Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate is chocked full of extras including 25 WordPress Websites, High-Speed Hosting, Cheap Domains, Heaps of Affiliate Training, Professional Keyword Tool, and 24/7 Site Support.
      Not to mention the superior community support that answers every question you need to know on building a successful Affiliate Marketing Business. This all will only cost you $49 a month and on top of this, I can personally give you advice, support, and tips as well if you want.
      Hoped this has helped you out, Morgan and do have a look at the Free Membership before spending any money.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. I come across your post in twitter and thought I would drop in and leave you a comment to back up what you are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. I love your page because is the way I felt before I knew about WA.
    It is a great team. There are a bunch of videos where you can learn a lot.
    This information is very valuable for the people who are just starting.
    I like the design of the page. It is very easy to find everything.
    I very new in WA and I never thought about the speed in a website, very important information.

    I would totally recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anybody in starting their own Affiliate Marketing Business.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a comment, Annie. I totally know how you feel as there are so many scams online now! Wealthy Affiliate really does offer a safe haven for people wishing to start their own Affiliate Businesses. W.A does offer all the training, tools, and websites you’ll ever need at a super special price.

      I have been earning money online for just over 3 years and never seen a program on the Internet that even comes close! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself which is great. If you need help with anything I would be more than happy to lend a hand.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Wow! Free website hosting and domains just so that you can try it and find out if you are suited to affiliate marketing, AND they allow you to stay with the free site as long as you want. I cannot see anything you could not like.

    Thank you, Jeff!

    Your thorough description of Wealthy Affiliate has convinced me. Sign me up.

    1. Best deal on the Internet, Sheila. Not many online platforms offer free memberships to completely check them out before you commit any money. It’s usually the other way around, pay first and then see if you have lost your money! I have 3 years experience on the net and can guide and help you to get a flying start with your online business.

      Here’s to your success, Sheila.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been looking into starting an online business recently and I have little to no money to start up. Working full time and with two children it’s certainly hard to get started.

    I’ve looked into affiliate marketing programs and your right, there’s always a time limit or ways to get you to spend money when you’ve joined.

    I’ve decided to join Wealthy Affiliate based on your review, and I’m happy to say it looks very easy to use and great training to help me build a website. I already want to go premium just based on all the available training they offer.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,Josh. Appreciate you dropping by and I hope that you have every success to get started with Affiliate Marketing. If you need any help getting your website up and running or any SEO advice that I can give you, I’ll be there to support you. It’s people like you that was the reason that I decided to build sites so I can see as many folks live their dreams and possibly break free of the never-ending grind!

      Pleases do contact me here if you have any questions.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Hey Jeff!

    I searched hard and low to find online platforms that can match what’s included at Wealthy Affiliate. It was the only internet program that was upfront with what I should expect and informed me exactly the amount I’ll be paying. Wealthy Affiliate was also the only affiliate marketing course that offers a completely free 7-day tester that included full use of all training tools.

    This is my first attempt to get started in affiliate marketing and I imagine it requires a lot of resources and questions on my side to succeed in this business!

    But I wanted to ask you, for a beginner in this field to be successful, would you recommend to begin with one website upon joining and just focus on that, and when it’s up and running and already getting traffic, start with another one?

    I mean when you got a lot of passions, it’s hard to just focus on one

    Thanks for confirming that I did the right thing by joining WA.

    All the best and thanks, Israel!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment, Israel. I have been a very active member of Wealthy Affiliate for the past three years and I don’t promote any other Affiliate Internet Marketing Companies for two main reasons. Most of them that I encounter online don’t give you Free membership joining process to test the waters and they all to often include extra charges to access vital training tools.

      It seems that Wealthy Affiliate is the only online learning platform that is actually smart enough to realise that you will not do well in this business with continues extra charges hampering your beginning. I mean, how do you expect to flourish and learn when you’re having to cough up more money to use the training tools and material. Being hit with charge after charge when getting started in Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest reasons that people will fail an Internet Business Startup. They don’t really seem to care about this factor but Wealthy Affiliate does!

      Being new to Internet Marketing, you’re going to need 24/7 access to training material, resources, tools, and all the help and support you can get. I would suggest just starting off with one website before attempting the second one. When you have more experience, then adding another website to your collection can be very powerful. I run a Free 4-Day Course that covers topics such as picking a WordPress Theme, how to optimize your new site and the best ways how to choose the correct keywords for your Posts. 

      If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me here and I’ll be more than happy to help.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  6. Hi Jeff; I have read through your post and found your information resounding. I’m spreading my wings and venturing out to find other Affiliate Marketing Platforms to review and see if there worth promoting. I think it’s time to put into action all I have learnt at W.A and make even more money online. I see you are a member here also and it’s great to bump into a fellow Affiliater.

    Jeff: isn’t it true that many people are out there that want to work online but never heard of Wealthy Affiliate? If these big fee chargers for inferior training were not out there, these people would have found WA and be able to absorb the training and set up their business at an affordable cost?

    I hate seeing people being fleeced when there are genuine Internet opportunities out there like Wealthy Affiliate. Loved your post on the best way to get started in Affiliate Marketing.


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Dorcas. It’s always a pleasure to touch base and I wish you all the best in finding other Internet Programs to increase your earnings. Whilst Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform to begin Affiliate Marketing, there are other legitimate money making opportunities online that can be explored. I have been earning a living on the net for close on 4 Years now and finding a Legit Program to promote is becoming slightly harder. Everybody is into the “Get Rich Schemes” that I come across all too often…

      Contact me here and I can give you my list of Reputable Online Platforms to promote.

      Best regards, Jeff. 

  7. Hi, Jeff.

    Just dropping by to thank you for leading me to Wealthy Affiliate. I joined without any prior knowledge of Affiliate Marketing or making websites a few months ago and I am doing exemplary well. I have two websites and the traffic improves every day and this was one of my better choices.
    Mainly what has lifted me is the support of the community and the keyword tool which I cannot begin to explain how useful they have been.

    Thanks again, Dave.

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Dave. Good to hear you are enjoying your Affiliate Marketing experience at Wealthy Affiliate. Sounds like you are doing very well with 2 sites in the making. Happy to hear you are taking full advantage of the Marketing Community Support Structures and the Professional Keyword Tool. To get the best start with Affiliate Marketing, we need all the latest tools and training. Keep up the good work, Dave…

      You are a member of the most powerful Internet Marketing Training Platform on the whole Planet.

      Best regards, Jeff.

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